Rules – Staff

Before you can use the Facilities or Equipment of the Media Arts Centre Loans Desk you must agree to the rules on this page.

An extensive range of professional equipment is available for loan to eligible staff. Equipment is available at the Media Arts Centre Loans Desk.

Facilities refers to rooms, production spaces, editing suites, TV studios, radio studios and computer labs occupied by the School of Arts, all of which are referred to as the Media Arts Centre.

Equipment Rules

Am I eligible to borrow equipment?

If you are a current staff member in the School of Arts undertaking activities as described in the School of Arts Media Equipment and Loans Policy, you will be permitted to borrow Media Arts Centre equipment provided:

  • You use this page to agree to these rules at the start of each semester
  • You have a current Murdoch University staff card


When can I borrow or return equipment?

The Loans Desk is open for Check Out (Loans) and Check In (Returns) at the times advertised on this website.

During these times the Loans Officer is available to help with equipment bookings, information and equipment instructions.

If you are teaching and the equipment you require is booked for your class, you can collect and return it to the office (EH2.037) behind the Loans Desk at any time.

If you need to borrow equipment and are unable to attend during the Loans Desk times you can make an appointment with the Media Arts Support Team by using the Loans Desk contact information on this website.


Rules for borrowing equipment

Unless previously arranged collect the equipment during the advertised Check Out period. When you collect the equipment, you must present your current staff card.

You must complete an online Equipment Booking prior to attending the Loans Desk to collect the equipment.

NOTE : If any problems occur while making the booking contact the Loans Desk using the contact details on this Website.

What equipment can I borrow?

The equipment available to you can be seen on the Equipment Booking page.

NOTE: You may not borrow equipment for personal use or commercial gain.

To see what equipment is available to your students you can use the Location Equipment Inventory page and filter it by the unit code.

How long can I borrow equipment for?

Teaching commitments take a priority and as such the length of time you can borrow the equipment must be negotiated with all Unit coordinators and academic staff supervising postgraduate students who need the equipment for teaching purposes.

NOTE : Weekends, University limited service periods and National Public Holidays the Loans Desk is closed and loans over these times extend until the next time the Loans Desk is open.

Equipment check

At Check-Out, before leaving the Loans Desk, it is your responsibility to check that all the equipment you borrow is in proper working order and that you have all necessary accessories and cables.

If there is a problem, please inform the Loans Officer immediately. If you don’t check the equipment and there is a problem, Murdoch will not be liable for any consequences.

Due to the nature of electronic equipment, Murdoch University accepts no responsibility for malfunction whilst the equipment is in your care.

NOTE : If equipment is lost or damaged due to negligence on your part, it will lead to disciplinary action.


Rules for returning equipment

You must return the equipment during the advertised Check In periods unless otherwise negotiated. You can also see the return date of all equipment you currently have on loan by visiting the Equipment Booking page.

If you can not return the equipment by the due date and time, contact the Loans Room immediately to discuss the situation.

Equipment check

At Check-In, you must make sure that the equipment you are returning is in the same condition as it was at Check-Out. All equipment must be packed neatly. All accessories must be returned and all cables and cords must be neatly wound.

At Check-In you must inform the Loans Officer if batteries are flat or if the equipment is damaged or faulty in any way.


Facilities Rules

Which facilities am I eligible to use?

You will have access to any of the facilities for the purposes outlined in the School of Arts Media Equipment and Loans Policy. Teaching takes a priority so your use will need to be arranged taking into consideration teaching commitments (including the use of the facility for student assignment work).

If you are teaching or researching in a production discipline your supervisor should have advised us of your commencement and we will arrange computer logon privileges and swipe card access once you have obtained your swipe card and Murdoch password from the IT Service Desk in the Library. If you are in a non-production discipline please get your supervisor to contact us with the details of your requirements.


Booking a facility

The online Room Booking System

Teaching will be added automatically from the University central timetabling system but other bookings in the Media Arts Centre facilities are booked using the online Room Booking page.

These bookings must include:

  • Brief description (e.g. Preparing Teaching Materials for SCR101)
  • Purpose of the equipment usage
  • Full description (that includes all of the following)
    – Your Name
    – Phone Number

Bookings that don’t include these details may be deleted without notice!

Notes pinned to facility doors will NOT be recognised as valid bookings. You MUST use the online system.

How long can I book a facility for?

You can book a maximum of one four hour session in one 72 hour period without consultation. If you need more then that you will need to negotiate with the production academics who teach in the space to make sure you won’t be encroaching on the needs of their students. If you are unsure who you need to consult contact the Loans Desk who will be able to provide the information.

NOTE : During a semester long bookings are very difficult to accommodate as production students have priority to complete their coursework. Longer bookings are much easier to accommodate during the breaks between semesters.

If you want to make bookings that extend more then one day or repeat regularly contact the Loans Desk using the Contact information on this website to make the booking for you.

The system is designed to prevent double bookings, but if there is any conflict over a facility, please contact the Loans Desk.


Rules for using a facility

In booking or using any facility in the Media Arts Centre, you are deemed to have agreed to comply with the following directions:

  • The studio is to be cleaned after use. This includes:
    • Sweeping/vacuuming any debris off the floor. (A vacuum is available from the Media Arts Loans Desk).
    • Stacking chairs neatly.
    • Placing all furniture and equipment back in its correct location.
    • Placing all rubbish in the bin.
    • Unless otherwise noted, turning off all equipment and lights.
    • Taking any belongings (such as props, school bags etc.) when you leave.
  • Give adequate prior notice to Murdoch University Security if you intend to bring anyone who is not a current staff member or Murdoch student into a production space out of business hours. Contact security on 9360-6222 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, or on 9360-6262 after hours.
  • Keep the security doors closed. Do not prop them open under any circumstances. The last person using the facility where a door has been left open will be responsible for any resulting loss or damage of equipment.
  • Do not change any of the settings on the machines unless you are authorised to do so.
  • Do not remove, unplug or move any equipment in the production spaces. Each item of equipment must remain plugged in and must be left in the location where you found it.
  • Do not bring tables or chairs from other rooms into the production spaces.
  • If negligence on your part has contributed to damage, loss or theft in the facility you will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Advise the Loans Officer immediately you become aware of any faulty or damaged equipment.
  • When leaving the facility, log off or shut down computers (as appropriate) and make sure that all windows and doors are closed.
  • Respect others. Do not have audio volumes at a level that distract, interrupt or inconvenience other users.

You are expected to leave facilities the way you would like to receive them i.e. Clean, tidy and in working order. “It was like that when I got here” is not an acceptable excuse and ultimately you may be penalised unless you report it (Note: You are still required to leave the production spaces clean though).

If a production space is not left in a suitable condition when you arrive notify the Media Loans Desk or other Support Team member (Room 2.050 or 2.049) as soon as possible. If your booking is after hours take a photo(s) or short video and send it to immediately. This is the best way to avoid being mistakenly penalised.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in fines issued, your borrowing privileges removed or any other penalty as deemed appropriate.


Rules for using computers

  • Protect your passwords and keep them confidential.
  • Most of the software installed on the computers has an Educational End User License Agreement. As such the software can not be used for commercial purposes.
  • You must comply with IT Conditions of Use Policy, Email and Electronic Messaging Policy and other applicable legislations. For more information visit:


Rules regarding copyright

You must abide by copyright law and Murdoch University’s policies, rules and regulations governing the appropriate use of copyrighted material.

Murdoch takes copyright breaches very seriously and copyright infringement by users of the Facilities will not be tolerated.



As you aren’t listed in our database you can’t currently agree to these rules.