Media Arts Centre Computer Drives

Typical Computer Drive LettersWhen you logon to a computer in the Media Arts Centre, a number of disk drives will be available to you. Typically, they will look like this:


Drive Usage Notes
DVD/BD-ROM Drive (I:) DVD or Bluray Burner To eject a disc from these drives use the Right Click menu in File Explorer.
Removable Disk
(D: E: F: G: H: J: K:)
Removable Drives
(e.g. USB Stick)
Depending on the computer, you may only see drive letters for the devices currently plugged in.
Local Drive (L:) Local Hard Drive L: Drive is local storage, residing physically on the computer you are using (as opposed to the network). It is the ideal place to put your files when editing video, 3D or complex audio projects because network drives and connections are sometimes too slow.

WARNING: Files on L: Drive are accessible to everyone. So files you place here can be deleted or changed by others. You should therefore ALWAYS copy your files to a network drive or your own removable drive before you logoff.

ID Number (U:) Personal University-Wide
Network Drive
U: Drive is personal network storage that you can access anywhere on campus, e.g. in other computer labs, offices or in the Library.

NOTE: Your space on U: Drive is limited, but it is sufficent for saving smaller files, e.g. documents that you want to print in the Library.

MCC Share (Y:) Network Drive for Tutors to
share files with all students
Y: Drive is shared network storage, accessible only from computers in the Media Arts Centre. It is designed primarily for Tutors to share files with all the students in a tutorial. Tutors may also sometimes ask you to save your assessment work here.

NOTE: You are limited to a maximum of 32GB of data on Y: drive.

ID Number (Z:) Personal Media Arts Centre Network Drive Z: Drive is your primary personal network storage, accessible from computers in the Media Arts Centre. You should store all of your work here unless you have clear reasons not to.

NOTE: You can store up to 240GB of data on your Z: Drive.

WARNING: All your “Personal” Windows Folders (Documents, Desktop, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, Contacts, Favorites and Links) are held on your Z: drive. Unfortunately some programs don’t automatically locate these folders and they give errors. If this happens you should manually browse the folders on your Z: drive to locate or save your work.