Media Arts Centre

Brief Description of the Facilities


The Media Arts Centre is the media production facility for the College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences.

All of the equipment and practices used in the Media Arts Centre are of broadcast quality and comply with industry standards.

The technicians, tutors and lecturers who staff the Media Arts Centre are all practicing industry professionals.


Six Computer Labs and Five Video Edit Suites

Ever growing and evolving list of computer hardware and software tools required to transfer captured videos, audio recordings, photographs and ideas into stunning web, game, radio, sound, still image and video productions.

Hardware interfaces such as virtual reality glasses, gesture capture devices, midi keyboards and interactive graphic tablets enable productions to be designed for an interactive world.

Software for image manipulation, the creation of 3D worlds, multilayer image compositing, titling, game engines, page layout, generating special effects, audio manipulation and sound mixing.

Journalism News Room

A meeting room to discuss the legal and ethical implications of news stories and distribute work that will be covered in the articles written and uploaded to our news website: :

Additional computer lab where content recorded in the field are edited before being added to the website.

Three Surround Sound Edit Suites

Multi-speaker workstations to create surround soundscapes that can be used in audio, video and interactive productions.

Three Studio Spaces

Controlled environments that enable complex sound and lighting setups.

TV Studio

Multiple cameras with signal switching control to allow the capture of live events.

Chromakey (Greenscreen) background to enable the use of virtual sets or to allow the impossible to appear to happen.

Autocue to enable presenters to appear as knowledgeable and confident as possible.

Specialised hardware to allow Real-time titling and multilayer compositing.

Sound Stage

Dimmer controlled lighting grid and remote studio flash equipment to provide appropriate lighting for photographic portraits, film sets, concerts etc.

White cyclorama, various coloured backdrop paper and white floor used to create the illusion of infinite space.

Retractable black curtain to allow the foreground subject to be highlighted.

Audio Recording Studio

Two of the studios can be used to allow multitrack recording and mixing of bands, radio plays, audio dialogue, Foley sounds or even whole orchestras.

Specialised computer control interfaces to allow emulated analogue mixing in a digital environment.

Four Podcast Studios

Digital Podcast desks allow the mixing of multiple audio sources in a number of locations into one magazine style program.

The desks are fully customisable to allow talkback between the studios and allow interaction with phone callers.

Three Teaching Spaces

The three teaching spaces are equipped with audio visual and computer equipment to allow the presentation of teaching material in a interactive and relevant way.

Location Equipment

A huge ever expanding collection of portable equipment is available to capture the real world, with everything from motion picture quality cameras to the latest in digital interactive design.

The specifics of the equipment can be seen by authorised users on the Media Arts Centre website.

Contact Details

Level 2 Building 450
Murdoch University
90 South St,
Murdoch WA 6150

Phone (+61 8) 9360 7482

If visiting the Media Arts Centre use this map to park in the ticket parking bays of Car Park 7C. If you will be visiting for a whole day rather then purchasing tickets from the machine go the Student Centre and purchase a day ticket and park in a green bay.

To see a floor plan of the building visit this page.