School of Arts Media Arts Centre

Welcome to the Murdoch University Media Arts Centre.

The Media Arts Centre provides a wide range of professional equipment and industry standard facilities. These are made available to students, staff, partner institutions and outside organisations.

The Media Arts Centre technical staff members who support these facilities are all experienced industry practitioners, as are the lecturers and tutors who present the school’s production courses.

Online Services

We provide the following online services for the convvenience of students, intending students and staff.

Note: For some of these services and more you may need to login using your student or staff ID number and password.

Equipment Bookings

Use this service to book equipment from the Media Arts Centre Loans Desk.

Room Bookings

Use this service to book studios or other production spaces and facilities within the Media Arts Centre.

Portfolio Entry

For intending students, use this service to submit a portfolio application for entry into our media courses.

Video Upload & Archive

Use this service to upload and archive student video productions.

Version Control Repositories

A technical facility for users of the Centre’s Version Control System servers.