Welcome to the Murdoch University Media Arts Centre.

The Media Arts Centre provides a wide range of professional equipment and industry standard facilities. These are made available to students, staff, partner institutions and outside organisations.

The Media Arts Centre technical staff members who support these facilities are all experienced industry practitioners, as are the lecturers and tutors who present the school’s production courses.

  • Notice

    Documents Now Stored on OneDrive

    We are no longer using Z: Drive to store the Documents, Desktop etc. Instead we are using OneDrive to store Documents, Desktop and Pictures. This change has the following consequences:

    • Although the Z: Drive will eventually be dropped, it is still available but must be used manually to store data.
    • Documents, Desktop and Pictures will be available anywhere in the world where you can access the internet.
    • Although OneDrive is highly available and has multiple levels of protection it is not backed up which means if you accidentally delete a file you will not be able to recover it. This means as always you should still keep backup copies of your files in an alternative location.
    • When you use a different computer although you will see your files are available online you won’t be able to use them till they download to local computer. This download will happen in the background automatically but will take some time so make sure you leave yourself time for the download to happen.
    • The OneDrive files take up considerable local disk storage so only download the files you are actually using.
    • Uploading the files can also take considerable time so monitor the tray icon to make sure it is “up to date” before Signing Out.
    • In the labs there is a slight delay when you Sign In while the OneDrive is connected.