Welcome to the Murdoch University Media Arts Centre.

The Media Arts Centre provides a wide range of professional equipment and industry standard facilities. These are made available to students, staff, partner institutions and outside organisations.

The Media Arts Centre technical staff members who support these facilities are all experienced industry practitioners, as are the lecturers and tutors who present the school’s production courses.


  • Notices

    As our part in trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we will be implementing the following Physical Distancing procedures:

    Studio/Lab Physical Distancing Requirements

    • Queue outside until all the occupants of the previous tutorial have exited.
    • Maintain 1.5 metre spacing while queuing.
    • Fill the spaces in order starting with the one furthest from the door.
    • Adhere to the Maximum Capacity restrictions as indicated on the door.
    • Use a provided sanitary wipe to clean all surfaces you will be touching.
    • Studio/Lab use should be for essential assessment activity only.
    • Students using the graphic tablets/pen displays should wear an artist glove.
    • Use of Lab computers outside of tutorials will require a Computer Booking.
    • As always use of Studios and Edit Suites will require a Room Booking.

    Loans Desk Protocols

    • Equipment Loans (Check In and Check Out) will be by appointment only.
    • As always the equipment should be booked prior to attending the Loans Desk.
    • Equipment Loans will only be for essential items.
    • Maintain 1.5 metre spacing while waiting.

    For more detail please go to the following web page: https://mediaartscentre.murdoch.edu.au/physical-distancing/